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About Us

HypeMart is a registered corporation in the United States of America.

Our Goal

First of all, thank you for being interested in our company.
Whether you are a shopper, an employee or an investor - what you're probably most interested in is our goal for the future.
HypeMart was founded to close the gap between new, trendy products that are viral on social media right now and the prices and customer support of established e-commerce ventures.
At HypeMart we discover the latest trends in the connected world of social media and bring the products to the customers and the most affordable price possible.
We believe that products play an essential role in staying up-to-date in the lives of the modern consumer.

Our Promise

We promise to utilize all our knowledge, experience and skill to the full advantage of the customer.
This means that we will search tirelessly for new products on the market that our customers might find interesting. We don't shy away from expenses and we are not afraid to lose money on a product, if this process warrants to find satisfying products for our customers in the long-term.
Furthermore, we promise to in the event of doubt always believe the customer. 
This plays a large role in our refund policy as well in our company culture.
At HypeMart, we still believe in the customer-first approach and this shall be visible through all our communication.

Our Strategy

With our goal in mind, we crafted a strategy that allows us to bring the latest & newest products to you, the customers, in the shortest amount of time possible.
We do this by sourcing the products directly from the supplier. These suppliers often tend to be in the asian regions. However, sometimes we are able to find American suppliers as well. 
These products are delivered to your door directly from the supplier. This means, that there is no intermediary, such as a HypeMart-owned warehouse, which in effect lowers the price to which we can offer it.
This comes at the expense of longer shipping times. We follow a price-first approach, because we believe that lower-income individuals and individuals from countries with disadvantaged economies should have the same opportunities to buy trending products at bargain prices.